About WAVE

Our Story

WAVE FRAGRANCE was co-founded by real-life partners-in-crime Miri and Dan Dan. Miri and DanDan both have a strong bond with creativity and art. They have married their experiences working within creative and tech industries with the goal of developing creative products with themes of perfumery, modernity, and sustainability. 

Our Product

WAVE designs scents to enhance your life. Each scent has its own special scene, specific memory or imaginary journey that its corresponding drawing describes.

At WAVE, we use the entire perfumer’s palette: Fragrances blend essential oils, absolutes, resins, concretes and aromas that synthesize molecules found in nature. The essence of living flowers, plants and herbs is captured at their most vivid. All are free of phthalates, parabens, and silicone. They are IFRA-compliant and never tested on animals. 

Over time we have been consistently inventing, creating and refining our new and existing products. We love the simple, sleek and versatile design and always emphasize discovery and creativity, in order to bring better and more enjoyable products to your life.


Our Value

By infusing art forms with modern ingredients and technology, we want to create clean products that delight your life and space, with each one having its own story to tell.

WAVE is owned by women & men for people in all walks of life. We are strong advocates of sustainability and cruelty-free development. We want to bring to the world a company that champions artisans, thoughtful design, and innovative technology to suit a modern lifestyle.

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