Shinto Song

$85 USD

Walking near a lake in springtime woods, with floral trees blooming. A Shinto shrine stands tall in the water near the edge of a lake. An orchestra of Oriental turtle doves and Japanese bush warblers twitter beautifully at steady intervals.

For thousands of years, Shinto temples have burned incense to purify the body and its surroundings. Our blend of Asian sandalwood, papyrus, and iris provides its own sense of purity and zen with a modern twist.  

Note Profile:

Top Notes: vanilla, water lily, lotus blossom...

Heart Notes: cardamom, Iris, Violet, Ambrox, temple incense...

Base Notes: aloe, sandalwood, Amber, Papyrus, Cedarwood, Black suede...


Eau de Parfume, Spray

50ml / 1.7 oz


Highest Quality Fine Fragrance and Essential Oils

Hand Blended To Order in San Francisco, CA, all WAVE fragrances are clean, vegan, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free.



We'd like to share some tips about about Wave Fragrance’s clean and unisex fragrance. You can apply them alone, or layer two fragrances together. 

For example: Leather Wisdom + Bonica Rose 82. 

To make your scent last longer, choose a couple of pulse points — like your wrists and neck. These are warm areas that’ll help diffuse the fragrance across your entire body. Moisturize­­ — The ideal time to spray perfume is right after a shower when the heat has opened your pores and you’ve applied body lotion. The more hydrated (and yes, even oily) skin is, the longer fragrance will last—it’s why we’re all more sensitive to scent in the summer heat.  Also, pro tip: Look beyond traditional applications and dare to create a wider sensorial experience. Spritz on your clothes, scarf, hair tie, pillow, stationary, and gifts.

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